June 26, 2019
June 28, 2019
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Day 3

CrossFit 1401 – 1401 Barbell

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Clean lift off + Clean segment pull + tall clean (3×1+1+1)

keep weights light, no more than 20% of best clean/ empty bar/ or bar with 10lbs on each side.


Clean and Jerk (5×2+1)

5×3+1 means that you will do 3 cleans and on the third clean you will do 1 jerk.


If you have an established max clean and jerk you will be working off of 80% of your best clean and jerk.


Choose a load that allows you to complete the required setsxreps with quality form.

Clean Deadlift (5×4) (clean deadlift)

Set your clean starting position tightly and initiate the lift by pushing with the legs against the floor. Shift your weight back slightly more toward the heels as the bar separates from the floor, and maintain approximately the same back angle until the bar is at mid-thigh. At mid- to upper-thigh, your shoulders should be at least slightly in front of the bar. Finish extending the knees and hips to achieve a standing position with the bar at arms’ length, making sure to keep the quads, glutes and abs tight.

For those with established max cleans you’ll be working at 95-100% of your best clean.


choose a weight that is 5-10% heavier than your cleans from this week.

Olympic Back Squat (5×4)

Olympic Back Squat = High bar back squat.

For those with established back squat maxes you’ll be working off of 70% of your best back squat.


Choose a load that allows you to perform the required setsxreps with quality form.