May 20, 2019
May 22, 2019
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Week 3 Day 2

CrossFit 1401 – 1401 Barbell

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These are technique primers meant to prepare you for the lift of the day, they’re meant to be done after a general warm up (foam roll, pre-training mobility, etc.) . They are NOT meant to be heavy, in most cases 10lb bumpers will be enough. The intensity for these is very low so rest doesn’t need to be longer than a minute if you have the right load on the bar.

Clean Lift Off (3×2)

https://youtu.be/RZwdUQNx50Q (clean lift off)

Get into your clean starting position and drive your legs into the floor to take slack off the bar but not enough to lift the bar off the floor, after 3-5 seconds perform a clean deadlift up to the knees then immediately return to the floor
Keep the weight light, no more than 40% of your best Clean.

Clean Segment Deadlift (3×2)

https://youtu.be/3hoCSGea_Ew (clean segment deadlift)

From your clean starting position you’re going to lift the bar to below the knee and pause for 3 seconds. Then you’ll continue to push your feet into the floor and pause at mid thigh before finishing the pull at the point of contact (upper thigh).
Keep the weight light, no more than 40% of your best Clean.

Tall Clean + Push Jerk (3×1+1)

https://youtu.be/YhGbp1wp8Ls (Tall clean)

https://youtu.be/Mpdd-7LHvCU (Push Jerk)

Tall clean: Stand tall with a clean-width grip, the bar hanging at arms’ length and the feet in the pulling position. Pull the elbows up and out aggressively, and pick up the feet.

Push Jerk: Bend slightly at the knees only, keeping the trunk vertical and the weight on the heels. Drive up with the legs and rebend the knees to catch the weight in a quarter squat position. Your feet should not lose contact with the floor throughout the press, its not a power jerk.
Keep the weight light, no more than 40% of your best Clean.


Clean and Jerk (5×1)

Jerks should be split jerks not power jerks unless you have some kind of injury preventing you from performing a split jerk. All three reps will require a jerk.

If you have established maxes then you will be working off of 80-85% of your best clean and jerk.


increase load 5-10% from last weeks load. If that’s too heavy and technique begins to break down stay at last weeks load.

Snatch Balance (5×1)

https://youtu.be/D5BUtMk0INY (snatch balance)

Start standing with the barbell behind your neck with a snatch-width grip and your feet in the pulling position. Bend the knees smoothly, maintaining balance and an upright torso, then push with the legs against the floor to create some upward momentum on the bar. Pick up your feet and replace them flat on the floor in your squat stance as you push aggressively against the bar to move yourself down into an overhead squat position.

for those with established snatch maxes, you’ll be working off of 85-90% of your best Snatch.


increase 5-10% of last weeks load.

Power Jerk (5×1)

https://youtu.be/EkS7SYZrcF8 ( power jerk )

As you finish the extension of the legs, begin pushing against the bar with the arms, quickly lifting the feet and transitioning them into your squat stance, punching the arms into a locked-out overhead position as you sit into a partial squat.

If you have an established power jerk max, you’ll be working at 80-85% of your best power jerk.


increase by 5-10% of last weeks load.