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May 23, 2017
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May 26, 2017
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Wednesday 5.24.17

“Weightlifting Wednesday”

Overhead Squat – Heavy Set of 3

All repetitions are to be taken from the rack. Not an absolute 3-rep max today… a heavy triple. It’s been some time since we went heavy on this movement. Focus on sound mechanics today – sit back for the heels and continue to turn the inside of the elbows up towards the ceiling throughout the entire range of motion (emphasizing shoulder external rotation).


EMOMx12, Alternating:
Min 1: 12 KB Front Rack Lunges (35’s/20’s)
Min 2: 12 Deficit Pushups
Min 3: 12 DB Box Step-ups (45’s/30’s)
Min 4: 40 second Plank Hold

Double KB Front Rack Reverse Lunges – Kettlebells are held in the front rack position with the elbows high. Take your lunge step backwards, as opposed to stepping forward. And step far enough back so that your front leg’s shin is just about perpendicular with the floor, or straight up and down.

Deficit Pushups – Stacking plates for the hands, this will add inches of range of motion to our pushup. Stacking 25’s, 35’s, or 45’s is adequate. The intention is to be able to clear these 12 repetitions in no more than 2 sets with a small break between. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing pushups or box pushups as modifications here – range of motion and integrity of the movement is priority here.

Dumbbell Box Step Ups – Dumbbells are at the hang position by the sides. Much like the DB weight, the box height is athlete’s choice. For those who are comfortable stepping to a 20″ box can build to a 24″… if technique is sound. As we stand onto the box, focus on pulling with the forward leg as opposed to pushing with the back leg. Utilize the hamstrings here, and minimize the amount of forward lean of the torso during the step up.

Plank Hold – From the elbows. Focus on a hollow body position. Commonly the hips will sag in this movement – keep them up throughout as we constantly focus on pulling the rib cage down towards the waist.