Monday 5.1.15
May 1, 2017
5.3.15 Wednesday “The obstacle is not in the way. The obstacle is the way.”
May 2, 2017
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Tuesday 5.2.15 “You can’t connect the dots going forward. You can only connect them looking backward.”


Following in suit with our template, Tuesday’s in “Silverback” start with strict gymnastics, with each week building off the last. There is no requirement for any of these movements, with options and adjustments below.

The following is not for score. It is for quality. I want to emphasize the importance of quality > quantity here. Rest as needed between repetitions and movements to preserve so. Transition to the next couplet at each 5 minute interval.

On parts 2, 3, and 4, alternate between the two movements (A and B) as if it is a traditional AMRAP 5.

Minutes 0:00 – 5:00:
Handstand Floater Practice (or Free Standing Handstand Practice)
A handstand floater is kickup to the wall, and slowly peeling one foot at a time off the wall in an effort to find time in a free-standing handstand. Rest as needed between efforts… this is practice, not an attempt to find total max seconds in a handstand.

Minutes 5:00 – 10:00:
A) 3 Strict Chest-To-Bar Pull-Ups
B) 3 Pausing Strict Handstand Pushups (1 second pause with head on floor)
If we do not yet have 3 unbroken strict CTB Pull-Ups, use a band that allows for at least a single set unbroken. Looking for range of motion increase today, over just chin over.

Minutes 10:00 – 15:00:
A) 5 Strict Toes to bar
B) 10 Pausing Hip Extensions (1 second pause at the top of each rep)
If we do not have strict TTB just yet, lay on floor by a pull-up rig post. Reaching overhead and grabbing hold of the post with your hands, activate your lats and bring your toes to the rig post.

Minutes 15:00 – 20:00:
A) 3 Inchworms (Video HERE)
B) 3 Pausing Ring Rows (3 second pause at the top of row)


15 Box Jump Overs (24/20)
12 Ring Dips
9 Power Cleans (155/105)

A classical CrossFit feel to this triplet. With the time range being medium to long, we want to dial in our pacing efforts. To start, the stimulus of this workout is to be one that allows us to continue to move through rounds at a steady rate. In other words, we want to modify the ring dip volume/difficulty and the power clean weight in order to prevent us from ever being “stuck”. Let’s make this a metabolic workout.

On the box jump overs, the standard we are looking for is to make it to the other side. Rx is to jump, but step up and overs are absolutely allowed. We would rather have you jump up and over a shorter object however than step-up and over the box. Training the jump is more important today than box height.
We do not need to face the box for the jump over. They can be lateral, or how you see fit, with the Rx standard being a two-foot take off. Stepping down to the opposite side is still Rx.
In terms of rebounding these box jumps, we want to take into account the time range. At 15 minutes, we want to ensure we are pacing our efforts accordingly. A turn and step-down from each jump is a valid, and recommended approach to start. If we feel comfortable rebounding through this workout, aim to rest on top of the box. Jump, turn, take your breath on top of the box, and methodically chip away at these repetitions while resting on the box as needed.

On the ring dips, we are looking for a repetition count per round that we could complete unbroken on the first round *if we had to*. Strategy will not direct us down that path, but this is not meant to turn into a brick wall for us halfway through the workout. It is OK to be reduced to singles rounds later in this piece, but I want you to be able to keep on moving. Modify the repetitions first to accomplish that, and we are looking at completing less than 5 unassisted dips per round, let’s the band today and build the strict strength through strict dips. Choose a band tension that allows for 12+ reps to be unbroken, when fresh.

On the power cleans, we are looking for a weight that allows us to also complete that first round unbroken (9 reps) *if we had to*. Strategy wise, it’s completely acceptable to go right to singles for the workout, but the single needs to always be there.

Come out at a reserved pace in the first round. It is very easy to come out aggressively here. Being a training workout, I want you to take note of your first round, and each round following. In training, there is purpose and value to keep note of round times, as a valuable bit of information.