Wednesday 12.21.16
December 20, 2016
Friday 12.23.16 “What we think, we become.”
December 23, 2016
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Thursday 12.22.16 Gymnastics test day

Test week:

Find a partner and use your phones for stopwatch, you have 20 min to test. Write down your scores:

0. Max handstand hold (less than 3 steps)
0. Max handstand hold (stay up as long as you can, may take as many steps as needed)
0. Max distance handstand walk in 2 min (use lines on floor)
0. Max strict pull ups in one minute (lock out elbows at bottom/chin over bar at top)
0. Max unbroken pull ups (any type)
0. Max toes to bar in one minute
0. Max unbroken ring muscle ups
0. One minute max push ups (scale with box) strict, no resting at the bottom of the movement.
0. One minute max sit ups (hands must touch floor in the back and shoulders must pass hip flexors at top
0. Test your pull ups – one minute time cap to see how many you can get (even if you can only do 1 or half, it still counts as a try)
0. Max seconds hollow hold (as soon as FORM breaks, come down)
0. One minute squats facing wall, down to med ball


5 rounds:

5 ring dips/box dips
10 v ups
10 strict shoulder press
10 ring rows
5 Shute thru’s (between boxes or weight stack)