Tuesday 12.20.16
December 20, 2016
Thursday 12.22.16 Gymnastics test day
December 22, 2016
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Wednesday 12.21.16

1. Deadlift – Heavy 3

In a 10:00 Window:
Build to a Heavy Set of 3 “Touch and Go” Deadlifts

Not a max today – seeking the heavy stimulus. As a reminder, a “heavy” implies a challenging weight that is lifted with very good technique. Imagine that CrossFit.com is taking a video of your movement for this lift, to be posted on the global website following. Find the heavy stimulus on a 3-rep “touch and go” set.

2. “OASIS”

3 Rounds:
500 Meter Row
12 Deadlifts Rx (225/155) Rx+(275/185)
18 Toes to Bar

The row is the pacer in this workout. We want to focus our efforts on the deadlifts and TTB for our best score today. Gaining 5 seconds on the row requires much effort, and can be lost in a slow transition or a single extra break in either of the following movements. Strive to hold a pace that is 10-15 seconds slower than our 2K pace, and dial in the transitions today. Upon that final meter, our goal is to be standing up that first deadlift repetition within seconds.

On the deadlifts, we are looking for a load we can lift for 15+ repetitions if we had to. In the workout today, they do not need to be unbroken. Knowing our capabilities on the TTB, it may be best for us to break these into manageable sets (6-6, or 5-4-3). If we push for an unbroken 12 repetitions and find ourselves down to small sets on the TTB.

Push the TTB pace today. Knowing that we have the 500 meter row ahead of us, which is the pacer, we can strive for consistent but large sets on the bar today. This is the largest separator in the workout, where efficient movement pays. Refer to the skill video in the previous part to dial in our cycling toes to bar.

Today is a great day to practice kipping toes to bar. The larger goal is learning and training the cycling TTB while under fatigue.