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December 15, 2016
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December 19, 2016
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Friday 12.16.16

12 Box Jumps (30″/24″)
9 Power Snatches (95/65)
3 Bar Muscle-Ups

Higher skill movements in this week’s “Game Day Friday”.
When we start to breakdown our approach to this workout, we want to take into account where our strengths and weaknesses lie within the movements. Some athletes may be strong movers on the power snatch, but struggle with gymnastics on the pull-up bar. Others may have it vice versa. Knowing where our strengths and weaknesses lie within the movements allows us to better attack this triplet as a whole.
The movement with the highest value in this workout is the Bar MU’s. Our power snatches may slow given fatigue, with the same possibility on the box jumps, but we will rarely come to do a dead stop or standstill at those movements. Within seconds we can get the next repetition. On the Bar MU however, it is possible to “hit the wall” or loose 30+ seconds between repetitions. Our cycle time on the box jumps and power snatches should be relative to how well we move on the Bar MU. The first priority in this workout is to preserve our ability to perform these repetitions across the duration of the 15 minutes.
On these bar muscle-ups, three focus points today.
1. Long body. A longer whip is significantly stronger than a shorter whip. It is very common to bend out knees or break at the waist in an attempt to gain more power out of our kip swing, but this actually reduces the efficiency of the kip. Stay long(knees and hips extended), with feet together.
2. Stay engaged in the mid-line. Focus on maintaining abdominal tension throughout the entire kip swing. Especially when we are fatigued and breathing heavy, this becomes a common fault. When we allow our mid-line to relax, all of that power generated from our lower body becomes lost in translation. Mid-line is on and strong.
3. “Drive the bar down”. By thinking about driving the bar down to the ground, we in turn bring out body upwards. If we however think “pull to the bar”, we find ourselves getting jammed up with our chest in contact with the bar. To engage our lats, drive the pull-up bar down, vice pulling yourself up. This mental verbiage can make significant difference when you focus on it.
If we do not have Bar Muscle-Ups, complete 2 reps of you most challenging pull-up (2 x CTB, or 2 x Chin over).
On the power snatches, we are looking for a weight that we are confident we could complete 15+ repetitions with unbroken if we were to go for it. Before we start the workout, envision yourself completing 50 repetitions at this movement. How you would be breaking up the repetitions at number 35? If fast singles would be our go to here, we want to start the workout in the same fashion. Avoiding bringing the bar back down from overhead saves our pulling capacity for the bar MU’s, which is again the movement to preserve in this AMRAP.
On the box jumps, focus on your breathing here. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Stepping down and methodically working through these 12 repetitions will allow you to regain composure, and allow your forearms and pulling strength to recover. Think one steady pace that you could hold for 100 repetitions. Breath and relax here.

Extra :
For Time:
25 Barbell Facing Burpees
Rest 1:00
25 Barbell Facing Burpees
Focusing on cycle time today, let’s get outside the comfort zone. Stay with the methodical step up burpee, but strive to move one step faster than we have before. Your score is the entire time to completion, to include the 1:00 rest. Post times to the whiteboard below.