Thursday 12.8.16
December 8, 2016
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December 12, 2016
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Friday 12.9.16

“OPEN 16.4”

55 Deadlifts (225/155)
55 Wallballs (20/14) *Females to a 9′ Target
55 Calorie Row
55 Handstand Pushups

Today we want to focus on managing repetitions, and spacing our effort evenly through each set of 55. With such a large amount of repetitions at each movement, the common pitfall in this workout is coming out too aggressive, to only slow significantly in the second half of the set.
Starting with the deadlifts – if we are not going Rx to compare scores, we are looking for a loading that allows you to complete at a minimum 15 repetitions unbroken.
Open with a manageable number. The 55-repetition set can be broken down into the following repetition scheme: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. This breakdown provides a mental advantage, knowing that as soon as we clear a set, the next is one rep less. The focus here is to manage our rest times, and be diligent on getting our hands back on the bar when the time is right. As a mental edge – as soon as you clear the set of 8, you are halfway through.
On the wall balls, an option is to take a similar approach, but try to transition between repetitions a bit faster. If this is a strong movement for us, biting off large sets is our best move to buy us some time. 20-15-10-10 is an option for those with strong wallballs. Especially on this movement, it’s less about the size of your sets, and more about how much time we spend not moving. Don’t favor large sets with large breaks – the breaks become longer than we realize. As we close in on rep 55, push a bit here, knowing we can recover on the rower for the first few pulls.
As you sit down on the rower, check the clock. If we are within 3-4 minutes of the time cap, our workout may end on the rower. You will want to know that so that we can start the final push here. If you have over 4 minutes, it’s a steady, yet aggressive pace to hold. A pace we could hold for ~15 minutes when fresh. Getting in handstand pushups are a large separator in this workout, and we want to conserve energy for the wall when we get there.
On the handstand pushups – remember to point your toes down to the ground to meet the Open standard. Traditionally, in gymnastic handstand movements, it would be common to see an athlete pointing toes to the ceiling. Picture where that places the heel however, when on the wall – it brings it lower. Likely beneath that line we need to cross for a good rep. As you kip to extension, point your toes down, to the ground, to bring the heel as high as you can get it. Imagine trying to bring your big toe to your shin as you complete the repetitions. Practice this before the workout begins.
If we do not yet have HSPU, complete hand-release pushups as a modification.