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November 23, 2016
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November 29, 2016
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Monday 11.28.16

Monday 11.28.16

Snatch –

1 Set of 3 – 60%

1 Set of 3 – 70%

1 Set of 3 – 75%

3 Sets of 3 – 80%




30 Double-Unders

15 Power Cleans (115/80)

30 Double-Unders

15 Toes to Bar

Post Rounds + Reps :

This will become a grip-intensive workout, taxing the forearms and shoulders. When we see such combinations arrive (which is very common in the Open), we need to strategize to conserve our grip strength. Once our grip strength “goes”, by pushing too far too soon, our workout slows dramatically. Preserving our pull in this workout is essential to finding our best score.

Double-Unders. There is a reason why we have been training this movement often recently – it’s an easy movement to train often (given it’s low impact), but it’s high reward when we excel at them. Think back to last year on the DU/TTB/Clean workout. When this movement becomes a “breather” for us, we can focus our efforts on the other movements. This comes only with consistent training and practice. In today’s workout, it is best to know our limits and strive for consistent sets. Naturally, straight sets are ideal, but break these up early as seen fit – our goal is to hold consistent sets from the first set, to the set at the 10:00 mark, and through the finish.

On the Power Cleans – we are looking for a weight that we can “touch-and-go” for 20+ repetitions unbroken when fresh. It should be a moderate-to-light load today, one that we can move for 5 repetitions on call… no matter how fatigued we are. With that, sets of 5 repetitions can be a great talking point to start with. Envision ourselves on our 3rd round, where the grip strength is feeling the fatigue. How we plan on breaking up those power cleans in the third round is how we should in the first. We know that if we rip off too large of a set in that first round, it likely will come back to bite us just movements later as all three require that capacity.

On the Toes to Bar – Preserve your kip swing through manageable sets. When the body fatigues excessively, we loose our TTB kip swing. Here is where these repetitions can double, if not triple in time in comparison to your first round. Even though we may be able to execute 15+ unbroken TTB, we want to break these up into manageable chunks early to ensure we can string multiples together for sets in our third round – not just our first.

Be patient in this workout. Enter with the micro-goal of your third round being your fastest

extra  work:


Part 1 – One Attempt for Max Repetitions

(If we do not yet have Ring MU, move to Part 2 below)

Max Ring Muscle-Ups

Part 2 – Complete the sets below resting as needed between:

If we completed 14+ Unbroken MU – 2 Sets of 5 Repetitions

If we completed 10-14 Unbroken MU – 2 Sets of 4 Repetitions

If we completed 7-10 Unbroken MU – 3 Sets of 3 Repetitions

If we completed 4-7 Unbroken MU – 3 Sets of 2 Repetitions

If we completed 2-3 Unbroken MU – 3 Sets of 1 Repetition

If we have a single MU or are still working towards our first, complete 3 sets of 8 of the Banded Ring MU transition drill: