6.30.16 Thursday Strength and Conditioning
July 9, 2016
7.5.16 Tuesday Strength and Conditioning
July 9, 2016
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7.1.16 Friday Strength and Conditioning

CrossFit 1401

Strength and Conditioning

TEST 5:  Attempt to get 20 reps of Reverse Snow Angels with 5/2.5lb plates

Rx is 5lbs for men and 2.5lbs for women, but scale down the weight if needed.

If you do not complete the 20 reps, drop the weight and finish them but record how many you got.


TEST 6:  Find your 3 Rep max Overhead Squat

Notes: This is a challenging movement that is as much of a strength test as it is about mobility.  If you cannot perform this movement to full depth with proper position, ask one of the coaches for mobility ” homework”. We also recommend getting a massage and attending Jamie’s mobility seminars.
Work on finding a safe shoulder position and getting below parallel before adding weight. Proper form and technique are your first priority, work up to a manageable 3 reps and see how much you can improve over the next 8 weeks.


Box Jump
Wall Ball

Notes: Rx is 20/14 and 24/20inch box. You will go up one ladder and down another. Example 1 Box Jump and 10 Wall Balls, 2 Box Jumps and 9 Wall Balls