6.16.16 Thursday Strength and Conditioning
July 9, 2016
6.20.16 Strength and Conditioning
July 9, 2016
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6.17.16 Friday Strength and Conditioning

Friday Strength and Conditioning

Strength gains

Tara’s on top of her game


Every 90 Seconds for 18 minutes:
8 Strict Toes to Bar
45 Second Hollow Hold
60 Second Freestanding Handstand Hold
Notes: If you cannot do a strict toes to bar use a spotter to help you do a negative for each rep.


10 min Amrap

50 m KB Rack Carry
10 KB Thrusters
50 Meter Farmer’s Carry
20 KB Alternating Lunges
Notes: holding both KBs for all movements. If kbs hit the ground = 5 burpee penalty 🙂

Rx: 35/ 26, Rx+ 45/ 35